To ensure quality service and for deliveries to be made as quickly as possible, Maison Adam uses the services of CHRONOPOST.

Maison Adam offers 2 different types of services to allow for greater choice and flexibility - Chrono Express if you would like a home delivery, and Chrono Relais if you are not available to take delivery and you prefer to pick up your package at a relais (mail-order package depot) close to your home, or your workplace. To ensure the contents are in the best condition possible, make sure to pick up your package as quickly as possible.

Any incorrect information concerning the Name, Phone Number, the sender’s address and the delivery address shall result in the package being returned to Maison Adam on a non-returnable basis.

Maison Adam and CHRONOPOST shall not be liable under any circumstances for problems which may occur:
- In the event of non-delivery due to an error in the address of any kind even if minimal.
- If the recipient is absent which would entail non-compliance of the delivery deadline.
- If the package is not picked up within the time limit of 10 days set by Chronopost.

Nevertheless, we shall remain at your disposal concerning the tracking of your package.

The staff of Maison Adam thanks you for your trust and understanding.

Shipments are sent from Tuesday to Thursday except on national holidays. You must order before 4 pm the day before the shipping date.

Please note: someone must be present at the time of delivery. The delivery driver will deliver the parcel to you and you must sign the signature sheet as the signature is required upon receipt.


Order placed onOrder délivered
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday before 4:30 p.m.Wednesday
Tuesday before 4:30 p.m.Thursday
Wednesday before 4:30 p.m.Friday

Delivery Dates

Chrono Express

0 à 1kg19,90 €
1 à 2 kg20,50 €
2 à 3 kg21,80 €
3 à 4 kg23,00 €
4 à 5 kg24,10 €
5 à 6 kg25,50 €
6 à 7 kg26,50 €
7 à 8 kg27,70 €
8 à 9 kg28,90 €
9 à 10 kg30,50 €
1kg en +1,45 €

Delivery Rates

Chrono Relais

0 à 1kg10,50 €
1 à 2 kg11,20 €
2 à 3 kg11,90 €
3 à 4 kg12,70 €
4 à 5 kg13,40 €
5 à 6 kg14,20 €
6 à 7 kg14,90 €
7 à 8 kg15,65 €
8 à 9 kg16,40 €
9 à 10 kg17,15 €
1kg en +0,90 €